Optical Bonding

LED backlighting is becoming increasingly more popular than CCFL because they provide a smaller form factor, wider color gamut, longer life, DC power (no inverter) more design flexibility and lower cost.

VertexLCD has developed proprietary methods of spreading the illumination from an LED light source across a larger area with the most desirable brightness and uniformity while keeping hot spots and dark areas to a minimum.

Increased brightness and lower costs are a by-product of what VertexLCD provides when designing custom LCD displays. Full color displays demand extreme efficiencies when using LED backlighting in order to keep the cost low and VertexLCD mechanical, electrical and optical engineers all work together as a team to produce a custom design that is the easiest to assemble.

LED’s, when used in backlighting the LCD panel, cost about the same as CCFLs but they are much easier to use and have a longer life expectancy and can be dimmed as required by the client. RoHS compliance is also a benefit to using LEDs with less environmental impact cause by CCFLs mercury content.

VertexLCD was an early pioneer in edge-lit LED backlighting techniques and with special tooling for molded light guides can provide brightness up to 1500 NITS and higher depending on the client specifications. Edge lighting also allows for mixing the colors in the light guide that in turn reduce the aberrations from LED to LED used in direct lighting methods.

Let VertexLCD engineers show you why our design engineers can design and build a custom module including all the tooling for display and backlight assembly in 19-20 weeks. Whether you need 1,000 or 100,000 LCD displays, Vertex can accommodate your needs.. VertexLCD “Engineered for Excellence”

Benefits of Optical Bonding

Improved outdoor visibility of the display and viewing in high ambient light conditions and reduction of reflective loss

Types of Optical Bonding:

  • Anti-Reflective (AR)
  • Anti Glare (AG) Reduction of reflective surface
  • Inferred Filters (IR) Blocks heat and reduces thermo-loading
  • Chemical strengthening of glass for rugged or anti-vandal applications
  • Bond Touch Screen directly to the display for improved viewing outdoors
  • EMI filters and heater assemblies