Custom Design LCD

It all starts with a client that has looked at all the “off the shelf” LCD panels and decided that what he needs doesn’t exist. He needs a custom designed LCD display! Finding Vertex LCD is usually accomplished by referrals from other satisfied users or a Google search. To facilitate the creation of this new TFT panel, the client needs to be able to interface with optical, electrical and mechanical engineers who know the differences between Smectic, Smectic C, Cholesteric and Chiral Nematic, the molecular orientation arrangements that are guided by either a magnetic field or a surface with microscopic grooves in it.

This level of detailed technology information is not important to Vertex LCD clients. What is important is that Vertex LCD, being the “supplier to the suppliers”, can provide custom designed and engineered solutions to Distributors, System Integrators and OEM clients that rely on Vertex LCD to assist them with custom designing the right product for their needs – all developed and engineered and most importantly manufactured by one company in one facility.

Many customers even provide LCD panels to Vertex LCD who in turn strips the panel down and rebuilds it from the ground up. This may seem like a daunting task but it is one that takes place at Vertex LCD daily. Our engineers also can source the cell directly from the manufacturer eliminating the extra labor cost of disassembly.

Vertex expands on standard products with enhancements like LED backlight, ITO/EMI heater glass, proprietary gel filled optical bonding, AR, AG, IR, UVA and UVB filter glass options, inverters, LED drivers and hi-bright enhancements, all designed in-house and are well understood and practiced by Vertex LCD engineers now for over ten years.

Custom Built LCD Glass

Vertex LCD designs and builds customized LCD glass based on the client’s required size, resolution and operating temperature range for the client’s specific application. Vertex LCD glass design experts will assist the client with selecting the proper color filter, gate & source, LCD driver I/C, front & rear polarizer, LCD transmission rate, LCD spacer and liquid crystal type to optimize the performance of the LCD.

A cover glass is optically bonded to make the LCD environmentally rugged and resistant to impact, scratches and vandalism. Other options include special touch screens, night vision compatibility (NVIS) and ITO glass heaters for operating in the worst environmental conditions.

Custom Built Backlights

The leader in custom built LCD backlights; Vertex LCD designs “True Thin Form Factor” (T2 F2 ™) high bright backlights using both LED & CCFL light sources. Unlike other enhancement companies, Vertex LCD uses its own proprietary technologies to build the most efficient, cost effective, slim design high bright backlights that that are keys to providing systems with the lowest power consumption and operating temperatures to comparably sized LCDs. Vertex LCD LED’s backlights allow for operating temperatures from -30 o C~85 o C with instant lighting to full luminance.

Custom Built Enclosures

Vertex LCD designs and builds open frame LCDs to NEMA4 rated enclosed displays for marine, factory automation, military, games or any other application including digital signage. Vertex LCD NEMA4 rated enclosed displays have been proven to survive in severe weather conditions.